It’s Much Cheaper To Stay Fit

Finally getting the time to dig deep in my closet and discovering some good stuff I have long forgotten. I uncovered a Marc Jacobs capri pant separates I bought sometime in 98/99 when I was still working as a fashion model and in school and have never been worn! I can’t believe it still fits! I have to say, it is a lot cheaper to maintain a size than to change an entire wardrobe due to weight change. Somethings are worth hanging on to.

Haven’t had any reason to ever hit the gym yet, that I have God to thank. However, it won’t be a bad idea to start doing some kind of routine workout, I have nothing to loose in trying.

The outfit had a pair of matching shoes. I still can’t find those but I went for the Kurt Geiger pumps I acquired earlier this year. Well, it works!


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