Party At Albert Einstein University

…and now recovering. My whole body aches from the long stretch of 6 hours dancing nonstop –and I would like to do it all over again! WOW! I had no idea academia world could party this much! I underestimated the event. Before turning up at the Shoeholics magazine sponsored event, I contemplated on showing up in a skirt suit, a more demure look but thank goodness that I settled for a pair of nice wet look leggings and Brian Atwood boots that enabled me to move as much as I could while dancing. These boots might look mighty high to you but believe me, they are super comfortable! Dancing is one of my favorite past times, an excellent form of work out! The party was packed with academia fashion mavens. Who would have thought? I had a FABULOUS time and have my good friend Lisa, and Nate to thank for the invitation as well. Keep it up guys!

See guests photos and coverage at Shoeholics website


Ahh...the sight of a beautiful pair of heels...priceless!

Caught in the moment -dancing πŸ™‚

Autographing a copy of The Shoeholic book at the party

Made lots of new friends

I met my match at the party.

Lisa and I having a dance off.

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