A Celebration of Culture At Persian Day Festival

Iranian Actress Mary Apick at the festival

Persians from all parts of America descended on New York City yesterday to celebrate their centuries old, rich heritage on Madison Avenue in a parade that had no shortage of elaborate headdresses and costumes echoing dynasties long gone. One could almost think it was the biblical old testament coming to life at the 10th anniversary Persian Festival. The festivities brought out the old and young, Muslims, Jewish and Christian Persians. Some proudly wore outfits declaring their proud status as an Iranian American. The festivities also included Iranian celebrities such as Armarti “Shahidi” Fitzgerald and Mary Apick in full costume! Upon the conclusion of the festival, the crowd feasted on some of the traditional cuisines fully stocked at nearby tents, built solely for the guests. The weather held well, allowing for a nice family gathering and networking.

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