Pride March Like No Other

Alas! The Pride March took place in New York City successfully without any glitches despite rumors and fears of terrorist attacks in the wake of the devastating killings in Orlando of Gay/Lesbians celebrating at Pulse lounge. Trust New Yorkers not to be bothered by anything. Spectators reached an astounding tens of thousands, possibly a million to take in the festivities. Celebrities and giant corporations made sure they were not left out of the movement. Companies such as Microsoft, Wholefoods, Universities, banks, even Facebook and airlines were present. Crowd favorites such as the cast members of Orange Is The New Black as well as Sex & The City Cynthia Nixon made an appearance with their respective groups. Security was at an all time high but hardly noticeable. This is probably one of the best Pride March in the history of the movement. Thanks in part to the onslaught in Orlando that brought everyone from around the world to either take part or watch the parade. Everyone had one thing in common, in support of Orlando.

More images, especially the X-rated ones, will be posted on my facebook page throughout this week. So be sure to stay tuned there. To see bigger versions of the images below, simply click on them. Remember, all rights reserved. 🙂

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Cast members of Orange Is The New Black


NYC Mayor, Al Sharpton and SATC actress Cynthia Nixon


Cast members of Orange Is The New Black

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