Puerto Rican Day Festival, Harlem

If you thought the annual Puerto Rican Day festivities starts and ends with the traditional parade up and down 5th Avenue then you are in for a big surprise! The REAL fun actually takes place a day before the annual parade in Harlem where young and old gather to celebrate the proud history and culture of Puerto Rico in true Newyorican style. There’s no shortage of costumes, food, music and laughter. Some even took the opportunity to show off their exotic pets! People who hardly knew each other came together to celebrate. It was my first time witnessing the event. I was sad the to see it all come to an end at 5pm promptly. All I can say is WOW! They sure know how to party.

Well, below you will find the video footage that has all the evidence and of course the images further down below. To see an enlarged version, just click on the image. Enjoy! 🙂

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