Ringing In 2013!

The last time I found myself counting down New Year’s Eve was in 97 going 1998 with my sister. I still can’t believe I did that.  Times Square was nothing like it is now with stages and commercialization surrounding it today. No singing or big/small name stars to entertain us while we waited for hours to watch the ball drop. I don’t even recall the ball itself being so glittery and shiny. Now it’s 2012 going 2013. I spent the night partying at 48 Lounge while I double timed to Times Square for press work. Wearing 2 hats in one night was no easy matter but I managed. It was actually fun running around in high heel boots, got some good work out to burn the holiday fat.

Big name singers were paid big dollars to make appearances and sometimes sing, while advertisers like Nivea covered the sea of people with blue hats and balloons. It was raining advertising $$$ for the city among many other things.  Mayor Bloomberg honored the crowd with his presence as well as old timer MC Hammer who suddenly came back into the spotlight thanks to Gangnam style singer Psy who “borrowed” some of his classic hit dance numbers from yesteryears hit for his own music video (least that’s what I’m told) which now has over 1 billion hits on Youtube. Yeah, times are good. This is the new era and every one is happy.

The atmosphere was very festive and safe. There were a couple of marriage proposals in the crowd, a classic thing to see nowadays at the square during the countdown. Despite seeing it many times before on TV, it was still romantic to see it in person. Everyone had a good time, I know I did, besides losing my vintage diamond brooch while running up and down. I suppose I have myself to blame for wearing such a timeless piece to Times Square. Nevertheless, I am grateful to see another new year.

Happy safe and lovely New Year everyone 🙂

I couldn’t resist celebrating with the crowd on Times Square. Fun times!

I love it when a man makes a great effort to be festive! YES!

Gangnam style Psy with his entourage

Mayor Bloomberg with Ryan Seacrest on Times Square

MC Hammer

Ryan Seacrest doing a live coverage of the countdown.

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