I Scored BIG @ Roger Vivier Sample Sale

…well, I would like to believe I did. After reporting the history making sale for Shoeholics, I went back 3 days later to see if I could pick up some of the crumbs left behind after the mad rush a few days earlier. To my surprise, many shoes left were in my size! Not surprising at all considering the fact that Asian women are usually sizes 38/8 and smaller. I on the other hand stand on size 41/11 or 40/10 (depending on the designer). So when I walked in, these pink birds were calling my name –literally!

I just have to think of what to wear with them and where to or just make them a “stay at home” shoes for me, myself and I.

I’m thinking of dying the satin part black after a first wear as is but leaving the feathers pink as they are. That could be fierce. The other cool thing is that the feathers are actually detachable!

Anyway, the same ends tomorrow. You can get all the scoop at Shoeholics.

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