It’s Official! Same Sex Marriage In Florida!

248C99FC00000578-0-image-a-121_1420841934985Detective David Currie wore his uniform to become one of Florida’s first married gay couples, marrying Aaron Woodard,

They tied the knot shortly after midnight on Tuesday, when the state legalized gay marriage.

‘It’s a really great feeling,’ Currie told the Miami Herald.

‘I think about how I did an amazing thing last night.

‘I’m very excited, not only for me personally but for what it means for state of Florida, for people who have careers like mine where being gay is not that cool… it’s not easily acceptable.’

‘When straight couples get married in the military they wear their uniforms and he and asked me if I would wear mine,’ said Currie.

‘I said I would need to find out if it’s proper.’

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