Snow Storm Juno Chickened Out

251F926A00000578-2927832-image-a-7_1422389846200Snow storm Juno decided to chicken out on New York and settle for Boston after much hype. The city’s weather status was reduced to a winter storm on Tuesday. I was slightly disappointed because I was looking forward to going out and scoring some really cool pictures. Nevertheless, we thank God it missed New York for safety reasons because judging by the pictures surfacing from Boston, it looks like they’re in a bit of a pickle and then some. They are knee deep in 30+ inches of snow! YIKES!

Click here to check out my photography work from the previous storm, Nemo!

On another matter. When was the last time you saw a totally emptied out Grand Central Station? I never thought I would live to witness such a day. What a beauty!

Stay warm & safe out there folks!

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