James Cromwell for Animal Rights Movement

Fresh off my 3 week vacation, I barely pulled out my bags from the airport uber ride when I saw the protest march for animal rights parading through my neighborhood. Alas! I’m back in the big apple, US of A where freedom of speech was at play, and animals too get heard. Gotta love America for that.

The participants descended upon the luxury giant Louis Vuitton SOHO store, fully escorted by the police of course. The store was noticeably protected by security team and barricades. Obviously, they had been notified ahead of time and had taken the caution to prepare for the worst.

The movement was rather peaceful, peppered with blow horn assisted boos towards shoppers that streamed out of the store. Award winning Actor and activist James Cromwell was the main anchor who helped bring attention to their cause. He demonstrated the cruelty of animals for luxury by pouring what looked like real blood on the side walk in front of the store while chanting his messages of animal cruelty towards the store front.

The crowd peacefully dispersed shortly after. I asked a few of the participants how helpful they think it’ll be to achieve their goals with this march. I was told it’s been highly successful in the past, but simply had to do this to remind the brands of their now forgotten promises.

See the video footage of the march below and Click on images to enlarge.

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