These Boots For Me? OMG!

I have been meaning to share this with my friends online but kept getting swamped with work and deadlines! Silly me, bad manners.

Italy based shoe designer, Massimo Dogana sent Shoeholics magazine about 5 pairs of shoes to be used in the Jan-Mar 2013 editorial photoshoot late summer in 2012. Of course, like all samples, they must be returned to the designers. However, he made a note for one pair to be given to me as a gift. It just so happened to be around my birthday last year as well. My heart melted when I saw the sweet note he inscribed inside the shoe box cover. I must never lose that lid! That is practically a collectible all by itself! It’s not everyday that I get a kind note from appreciative designers! I am beyond grateful for this kind gesture. I sincerely did not see this coming. In return, I surprised Massimo by placing the boots on the cover of the magazine! Let’s be honest, the boots didn’t need any of our help at the editorial desk on being selected as a cover choice. The boots practically had all of us drooling when we first laid eyes on them during the photoshoot. They’re work of art! I do not want to step on dirty streets wearing them at all. The pink bottom sole, 3-D Swarovski crystal flower accented suede boots should be in a museum mantle somewhere. Bellissimo!

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