The Tober Chandelier at the Met Opera

Next time you’re inside the Metropolitan Opera house in New York City, be sure to play close attention to the vast ceiling above you. I know it might be hard for you to look up from your cell phones these days, but I beseech you to look up! The over 4000 crystals of shining grandeur of Illumination designed by Hans Harald Rath, was dedicated to the philanthropist, business trailblazer, innovator, Donald Tober (who passed away on Jan 15, 2021) by his beloved wife and dearest friend of mine, Barbara Tober. I keep telling my own husband if our bond is weaker by even the slightest…I’d move his behind to the slowest suburbia one can find in America. I’ve looked up to these two for quite some time now. Their deep love and decades old marital bliss is admirable. Barbara keeps the memory of her dearly departed husband alive every blessed day! Donald’s name is being immortalized on plaques, and other generous donations around the country. I’m very fortunate to have known him before his passing. He’s one of the most kind and gentle natured being I’ve ever met in this town. The love and support, the turn out of his nearest and dearest friends at the Met Opera house today (despite the threatening storm), goes to show the kind of man he was. As the saying goes, when you put out good karma, you get the same back. Donald and Barbara continue to be excellent role models for all those around them.

Another notable art to observe while there is the conceptual work by Rashid Johnson, the first African American artist ever to have work displayed in the historical building. Advantageously placed at the staircase landing of the Grand Tier, the very center of the vast hall, essentially. I cleverly positioned myself for a few memorable shots of course. Images are further down below.

Barbara Tober
Barbara Tober, Millie Bratten
Adam Johnson, Ted Taylor
Patrick McMullan
Caterine Sanchez, Cheryl Riley

The following images are courtesy of Patrick McMullan photo agency:

Jonathan Marder and Carrie Rebora Barratt
Machine Dazzle, Cheryl R. Riley, Bradley Strauchen-Scherer, Erich Scherer and Barbara Winston
Ted Taylor, Adam Johnson and Barbara Tober
Cheryl R. Riley and Tinu

The following are images of me with artwork by the renowed Rashid Johnson

Conceptual work by Rashid Johnson
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