Traveling With Babies! OY!


First test of the folding stroller in NYC subway

I just for got back from my trip to the UK. My first time flying with a baby in tow. It wasn’t bad at all. A lot easier and FUN than I thought. My baby @DaGoldChain turned 9 months on this trip. Most mothers are not aware of flight bassinets readily available for babies under 24  pounds. No matter the class you fly, you will automatically get the bulk head seat IF you request for the in-flight bassinet! That is because the wall in front of you will be used in hooking up the bed!

Some of you sent me inbox/emails asking how he got around with his usual regular leather stroller seen all over his social media pages. Fret not, I managed to get my hands on the world’s smallest folding stroller long before it made it’s way to the states during my first trimester. I knew instantly I had to get have it when I saw it in Asia where it was actually invented. That was spring of 2015. I was able to put it to good use on this recent trip to the UK but not before testing it out here in NY (as seen in the subway picture above). You can imagine the flight attendants’ (and fellow passengers who insisted on knowing where to buy one) faces when I suddenly started folding the stroller and shoved it right into my bag at the gate! That took away the need to have to wait to check in the stroller at the gate and having to wait to retrieve it at the final destination! I literally rolled my baby out of the aircraft when we landed.

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Now imagine getting around in the underground in London. Absolutely no handicap/elevator access at most stations! A nightmare for mothers with bulky strollers! Luckily this only weighs 9 pounds and was foldable where it needed to be done and carry the baby by arm up the stairs or baby in the stroller. A life saver!


His usual leather stroller in NY


In-flight bassinet


Stonehenge UK

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