Turkish Protest On Union Square, NY

Turkish-Americans took to Union Square in New York to make their feelings known about the political climate going on in their country, Turkey. Many protested about their current Prime Minister Erdogan slowly slipping into what they would like to refer to as a dictatorship system under strict Islamic doctrine. The citizens of the country have long praised and looked up to their historical leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk for starting and bringing the country to where it is today, with previous leaders after him taking from his system to govern the country. Today, it is said that Erdogan has introduced several laws that includes banning the sale of liquor, freedom of speech in some cases and even conversion of historic landmark parks into shopping malls and new Mosques. We do hope they could all reach a level of resolution that would lead to no blood shed in Turkey. It’s just so sad to hear and see this happening to Turkey. I had the privilege of visiting the country in 2009. It’s a lovely place. It would be devastating to see it come to ruins.

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