Veteran’s Day: OMG! Thank You GIs!

1454571_10152086304726654_928111052_nNovember 11, 2013, Veteran’s Day in America, a day for Americans to give thanks to all of those who have served (& still serving) to preserve our civil liberties and freedom worldwide. Also the day the US Marine Corp turned 238 years old! New Yorkers marked the day in true New York fashion with a grand street parade up fashionable 5th avenue which brought out the old and young, beauty queens and seasoned veterans. And in true American style, retail stores did not miss a beat to hawk their wares with deep discounts to lure in customers prior to the upcoming Black Friday, a day after Thanksgiving and beyond. Shortly after snapping the pictures below with my cell phone, I myself browsed the stores and made out like a thief in the night. Sigh…the devil is in the details. Anyway, peruse the pictures below. I hope you had a FAB Veteran’s Day. Thank you GIs, thank you America! 🙂

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Vehicles used during Vietnam War. Circa 1965


Ambulance used during the Vietnam War. Circa 1968


Vehicles used during Vietnam War. Circa 1965

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