Black Panther…Wakanda Forever!!!

Unknown-8 Never have I felt so proud to be an African than now! Thanks to the Hollywood blockbuster by Marvel Studios for igniting the flame! Never mind that the Black Panther movie depicting the high tech nation of Wakanda as fictional. The movie gives a very strong message about pride and unity like I have never seen before. It was definitely worth the effort made dressing up to see the movie in theaters. One of the Wakanda citizens was actually wearing the exact same South African Ndebele ring necklace I wore to the theater. Special thanks to my beloved friend Tori for accompanying me! He looks dashing in Nigerian Aso oke agbada!

About dressing up for Black Panther. People talk of it being a fluke or “costume” for a day. Don’t be foolish. I for one I’m a proud Nigerian and have been WOKE for yrs. Look through my page to see me wearing various African garbs right here in NYC from time to time. It’s no dress up for me but an actual pride & joy and do intend to continue!

If you haven’t seen it yet, please do yourself a favor and go!!!

Wakanda forever! 🙂

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