West Indies Parade Delivered!


Mayor De Blasio showing his support for the Caribbean community

New York City’s true and finest, all races, ages and nationality from far and wide came out in full force to celebrate the West Indies parade in Brooklyn in real Caribbean fashion. The Eastern Parkway was lined with the best Caribbean cuisine and finery money could buy. Everything from jerk chicken to collard greens were on the menu long before the parade itself was underway. Participants of the parade usually spend months and quite a few quid preparing their costumes for the big day. They did not disappoint! Did I mention they now have vendors selling vegan caribbean food? As a proud vegetarian of 6 years, I was in my element!

Without further ado, featured below are some of the images I managed to capture before I myself soon found a plate full of baked cabbage and collard greens to binge on! To see larger format of the pictures, simply click on it. All rights reserved!

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Puerto Rican actress Rosie Perez stopped by with Governor Cuomo


1952 FDNY fire truck made an appearance

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