Wholefoods Manipulates Prices At Checkout! BEWARE!

I have been an avid customer of Wholefoods grocery stores for as long as I can remember. On numerous occasions I have been sucked into the scam of overpaying for goods without thinking twice to check my receipts. It wasn’t until about mid summer last year that I finally woke up and paid more attention to my tally at checkout. It started with fresh produce, particularly the Habanero peppers. Each time my total was rung up incorrectly, I would bring it to the manager’s attention that it wasn’t what I saw on the price card when I picked up the produce at the aisle. He would argue until I had to drag him to the spot to see it for himself after which a rain of apologies would follow. This went on for weeks with promises to fix the cash register to reflect the actual price.

You see, the price card states $4.99 per pound but by the time you get to the register you end up paying a whopping double of $9.99 a pound or more! I got tired of making the same complaint each time and started taking pictures to show the cashier exactly what I had seen and must be charged what was advertised. Now imagine many other customers who don’t pay attention to their receipts, especially those that buy in large quantities and want to get home/work in a hurry. The last thing on their mind would be to remember every grocery tally by the time they get to checkout. You would do yourself a favor to make it a habit of checking your receipts! Each time I made the correction/complaints I saw my grocery bills go down by at least $30!!! Yes it adds up! You can’t trust anyone when it comes to money and most certainly not Wholefoods to do what is right by their customers! Buyer beware!

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