World Pride!

Tens of thousands of denizens and tourists alike gathered in New York City to participate in what was billed the largest Pride March in history! This year ushered in the golden anniversary of the protest that began at the historic and now landmarked establishment in the village, the Stonewall Inn. However, While the main march was to start on 5th avenue at noon, a rival march had already begun at 9am at a nearby avenue heading north to Central Park. The “reclaiming the pride” march had it’s inaugural with the mindset of returning the event to what it once were before corporate giants took over the main march. Event organizers of the former were displeased at the overgrowing change of the latter taking commercial turn each year.

On another note, christian crusades were not to be missed. Taking a page from their ancestral protesters, they help anti gay/lesbian plagues with harsh biblical messages in big bold letters. While their pro-gay “cousins” held a contradicting message across the street “apologizing” for their fellow christians harsh words. I felt like I was stuck in a time warp in the 80s when it all began. It took a minute to remind myself that we were in 2019.

Alas! the march carried on without a hitch or sneeze! The merriment could be heard worldwide as friends and families of queer & straight nearest and dearest, legions of LGBT community from various countries were represented at the march. A record breaking 154 decorated floats paraded down 5th avenue. Until next year, stay flawless! 🙂

Here are some of my favorite moments captured by me for your pleasure.

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Andy Cohen & Nene Leakes
These ladies got here at 8am for a great spot!
Christian Protesters
Cast of Pose show
Cast of Pose show
“Melania Trump”
Actress Vanessa Williams
Talk show host, Wendy Williams
“Mike Pence”
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