Wounded US Marine Becomes Sexy Underwear Model

He’s one of the few good men who has done the country proud. U.S. Marine Alex Minsky lost a leg in Afghanistan but gained a new career as an underwear model. After seeing so many HOT pictures of Alex currently burning up Facebook, no man can tell me anything when it comes to dedication, perseverance and making things happen. He’s a true inspiration to NEVER give up!

Did I mention Alex can still play soccer with his artificial leg and has a purple heart for his heroic service in the Marine? His name is fast becoming a name synonymous with heroic determination to overcome adversity. When asked how he took the news that his leg was gone, Alex responded with reflexive honesty,“I guess you can say I haven’t even really realized it’s a disability at all yet. Still. It’s just the way it is. I have one leg now. Life goes on. Life really is what you make it.” When asked what has been his most powerful motivator for staying healthy, he replied simply, “I wanted to look good naked.”

Amen to that! 🙂

You quickly forget about that leg once you set eyes on these jaw dropping pictures. Someone please pass me the bucket of ice. It’s a hot summer day. And ladies, you’re welcome!  🙂

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Watch this amazing video footage!


What an impressive chin up!

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