Zimmerman Juror Tries To Profit From The Case!

Can you believe this? The ink on the court papers freeing Zimmerman barely dried and a juror is already trying to profit from the case! WOW! Thank God to twitter!

A lot has been made about the controversial Zimmerman Trial Juror B37. First she appeared on Anderson Cooper and made comments expressing sympathy and support for Zimmerman. But she really sparked an outrage by announcing — fewer than 48 hours after George Zimmerman was declared Not Guilty — that she’d signed a book deal.

Well, one passionate person on Twitter who goes by @MoreandAgain took things into her own hands.

First, she sought out the publishing company that signed the juror…

Then she spread the publisher’s information across Twitter so people could call and email, telling them to stop the book deal from coming to fruition…
She quickly whipped up a Change.org petition calling for literary agent Sharlene Martin to drop Juror B37. Within minutes, the petition had more than a thousand supporters. Martin eventually caved and released this statement:

Naturally, it was only a matter of time before the juror came to her senses (or realized she was getting dropped by Martin and the book deal was a dead end) and released her own statement:

Thus ends one of the dumbest attempts at exploitation imaginable. Juror B37′s decision to originally pursue the book deal was insensitive at best and revealing of serious issues with the jury at worst.If anything, this is a pretty fascinating look at the power of Twitter and what a little bit of passion and movement can accomplish. It’s not like @MoreAndAgain has a million followers or anything either so it was pretty much word of mouth.

Written by David D for uproxx.com
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