Brooklyn Museum Celebrates “Africa Fashion”

Africa to the world! There’s never been a better time than now for African Fashion. Ever since the smashing success of the fictional onscreen country of Wakanda at the box office, African fashion has moved from the shadows of the down cast to the center stage of the fashion world. Not too long ago, we saw Virgil Abloh’s take on the iconic Ghanaian Kente print on the luxury brand Louis Vuitton’s famous motifs and modeled on the American Vogue cover!

Brooklyn Museum took a solidifying and validating step by celebrating the continent’s rich fashion history and culture with carefully curated collection from pre-colonial era to the works of Africans in diaspora today. The West African classic shopping bag, “Ghana must go” didn’t miss the party either.

I was privileged and honored to wear a creation by one of Nigeria’s finest designers to the opening day festivities.

My pride as an Nigerian couldn’t be more obvious when I saw a room full of guests (including non Africans) clad in various attires from the motherland on opening day celebration. Gone are the days when Dashiki or Ankara wearing Africans were laughed at when walking around the city , not too long ago. Something I myself experienced first hand. We’ve come a long way and I’m hopeful of the better days ahead for humanity.

God is good. 🥳🎉

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