Trayvon Martin Rally Aftermath: Rally On Union Sq Is Now Banned!

The plot thickens!

Yes you heard that right. New York Park authorities have put down their foot after the commotion that took place on Union Square, NYC at the Trayvon Martin’s Million Hoodie March. They wasted no time in putting up the sign below just a few hours ago!

I wonder what Gandhi whose statue stands nearby would make of this, he after all was responsible for a lot of freedom movement in India among many other things. Historically, Union Square has always been the “home” of impromptu protest and rallying for decades. Shall we read the fine print? It doesn’t say anything about political rally though. Rally for justice is not a commercial venture. So should the likes of Trayvon Martin’s march count? Do people need to pay/buy permit to sing the praises of President Obama’s re-election should he succeed come November like revelers once did almost 4 years ago when he was elected, shocking the nation as its first man of color to lead the country? Is that a commercial venture? The sign also includes many things that New Yorker’s used to love doing on the park such as rollerblading, sitting and eating on the park, bicycling, Heck! get on a skateboard anymore! Just take a look at some of the crossed out diagrams below the sign! Hmm…so much for freedom of speech, “free country.”

Gandhi will be turning in his grave now.

Gandhi's statue on Union Square




Farther below is the video footage of the rally that prompted the ban.

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  1. We all know Bloomberg and Kelly are authoritarians. This is no surprise.

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