Bethann Hardison, The Invisible Beauty

The Tribeca Film Festival was extra special to me this year with the legendary, iconic and activist Bethann Hardison screening her long awaited documentary on the inequality that was rife in the fashion industry for decades! As a former model myself for over a decade few years ago, a lot of nerves were touched by “The Invisible Beauty” documentary. Certain scenarios from years ago suddenly made more sense. I would wonder why only one or no person of color that looked like me seldom booked a certain job.

Needless to say, the part that really had me choked up in tears were her struggle as a mother. Bethann Hardison balanced motherhood between her models (after forming an agency of her own) and her only child, Kadeem Hardison. She ended up sacrificing so much of her own personal life and welfare for the greater good of others, models of color. Many now regard her as the grandmother and foundation of highly successful models, both past and present. She paved the way for so many! Due to her hardwork, persistence, and tenacious nature of never giving up, the industry is more united.

The Invisible Beauty, a documentary relatable to all works of life, spotlighting the daily struggles of humanity, delving into the inequality and injustice, is definitely one to watch.

I certainly enjoyed watching the documentary with my friends, and celebrated the legend together shortly after.

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