Beyonce Pays Homage To Legends

Beyonce paid homage to many greats before her at the Superbowl, particularly Michael Jackson and Tina Turner. The solo guitarist spotlight was hard to miss, as well as fellow Destiny’s Child mate Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams on stage pop up. Michael Jackson comes to mind. Tina Turner is still inspiring many generations to come, with the legs and costume. It is hard not to compare the now Swiss citizen diva at 50 to Beyonce at the recent Superbowl in what looked like a similar costume. Pepsi expected Beyonce to a deliver show stopping performance for $15 million bucks paid to her and that was what they got. She nailed it and seized the opportunity to announce her upcoming world tour, the very moment when everyone was still recovering from the extravagant night. Very well done, I am hoping to see the New York part of the world tour at the Barcleys Center. Keep up the good work. Fabulous! 🙂

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Beyonce with a solo act guitarist on stage

Michael Jackson with a solo act guitarist on stage

Tina Turner at 50 (left)

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