8th Annual Blue Jacket Show

The Blue Jacket Show’s 8th time around the sun was another smashing success last night. A fashionable runway affair staged to combat the devastating existence of Prostate Cancer. New York based celebrated fashion designer Frederick Anderson collaborates each year with Zero Cancer organization to help raise awareness and encourage men of all ages to get tested. Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson was a proud sponsor this year once again, along with Fashion Group International.

The event for the first time was televised via streaming platforms to various major metropolis to viewers around the country. Several public figures such as Billy Porter, who opened the show sashaying down the runway to his widely successful single. Other luminaries included Luis A. Miranda, Jr., J. Harrison Ghee, Marcus Samuelsson, Nigel Barker, Don Lemon, Rodney Peete, whose wife actress Holly Robinson Peete watched proudly from a front row seat. She was later pulled onto the runway by Don Lemon for a proper introduction to the cheering audience.

The energy in the room was electrifying! The turn out was remarkable! It just keeps getting better with each passing year! Bravo to all the participants! For more info on getting tested please check zerocancer.org

Video footage from the runway show can be viewed on instagram.

Tinu with Frederick Anderson and his family.

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