Celebrating Heritage In Spring Colors

I attended a friend’s birthday party this past weekend. I don’t get many opportunities to wear my traditional attire much in New York. When the invitation came in the mail, I couldn’t resist. Figured why not celebrate the affair in spring colors in Swiss lace I bought a few years ago during my trip to Switzerland. I completed the look with a pair of powder pink Christian Dior slide heels, Fendi shades and rare pink Chanel purse adorned with a pink bottom miniature platform heels. It felt GREAT! It took me only 5 minutes to tie the head wrap style I created and call “The Sydney Opera House”. I like big head wraps, better to make a statement and be seen coming through the door! 🙂 Go big or go home!

Of course, many of the guests didn’t believe that I actually tied it myself. I might wear western clothes everyday in New York, but there are certain things one can never forget. For me, tying a head wrap is like riding a bicycle. Once I mastered it at a very young age from my Grandmother, it stayed with me and I have since made it my own and created many variations since then. RIP Mama. This one is for you.

It’s important to connect with our heritage once in a while. If you have one, please celebrate it with pride! Don’t be shy or ashamed of it. Happy Monday, Happy Spring! 🙂

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