Celebrity Feet On Red Carpets

We love seeing celebrities dazzle the red carpet but very few people actually bother to spend a few seconds to look at their feet….ahem…shoes! As a die hard shoe lover, heel lover for that matter, my greatest fear is having “odd” looking feet. I am quite tall so having long toes is not something I can avoid. It is what it is. However, bunions, hammer toes, et. al. scares the bejesus out of me. I agree, no one is perfect but seeing some of the images featured below reminds me each day to alternate my love for high heels with flats! It’s perfectly ok to give the feet some rest and air them out once in a while.

I leave you to it to identify the celebrities featured below.

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Belongs to Julianne Moore

Belongs to a reality star whose name escapes me πŸ™


And this is me and my long toes in flats. Yeap, we all have our days ladies! πŸ™‚

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