NYC Finally Sleeps!

I’m hoping you are sitting within the safe confines of your home reading this blog and pouring over the images below. It clearly shows you aren’t missing out on anything. Alas! Your FOMO (fear of missing out) can finally take a back seat. Today begins the official day of the lockdown mandated by Governor Cuomo literally begging everyone to stay home! All non essential businesses have been ordered to close or be severely fined. CoronaVirus literally crippled humanity’s way of living worldwide and NYC finally buckled to its bullying. I can add this to my bucket list, to be one of the very few to have actually walked around a very sleepy NYC! I never thought I would actually be alive to see NYC literally shut down with not a single fly outside besides policemen and first responders for emergency purposes! NYC is now the nucleus of the pandemic in the US. God help us. Below are pictures taking using my mobile phone.

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Stay safe!

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