Festival of Curls!

Oh my! Did I feel right at home or what! The annual festivity of all things natural and curly took place in Prospect Park, Brooklyn yesterday and I am just now slowly coming up for air! I haven’t had this much fun in a long time. My entourage included my beloved 9 months old daughter Noa, besties Tori and Ayo. Of course my daughter stole the show with her life sized doll in one of her old dresses.

The festival, cleverly named Curly Girl Collective, an experiential marketing group that specializes in multicultural beauty had enthusiasts travel from far and wide, many of whom had prepared for months! Choosing the right hairstyle, attire and getting the right entourage are vital ingredients to getting the full energy of the affair. Prior to the D-day, many questioned the validity of the need to get in with a ticket or not. Ticket scammers sold and resold tickets, some of which were originally free! The venue happened to be a free park, open to the public where you could stroll in without the need for a ticket. Unless of course you craved a goodie bag packed with sample products, then you are obliged to shell out a few coins for one. Other than that, you needed positive energy, selfie/photo op ready and good friends around you to enjoy the sun drenched festival of music, friendship, and afrocentric fashion. A good Saturday afternoon well spent!

Looking forward to next year…God willing.

Below are some of my favorite moments at the event. Watch video, click to enlarge photos.

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