Diner en Blanc NYC at 10!

Diner en Blanc NYC chapter finally resumed today! Revelers had almost no time to plan the extravagant affair unlike previous years where it took months in preparation, this year barely gave way to 2 months of notice! Obviously, the city permit which allows the event to take place in open public spaces must have cleared at the last minute. The rain threatened to dampen the affair like it did in 2019, when without warning we were drenched completely in a flash flooded lawn in Battery Park City. We did return to the scene of the crime but this time on the paved section of Battery Park City behind the Winter Garden. The rain was determined to have a repeat but Calandra, the goddess of rain must have heard the cries of the people today! It actually held up just before we all departed for the venue. Once everyone settled in, the rain was a thing of the past. The party was well underway with the traditional napkin wave signaling the official start of the night’s affair. I made some really cool friends as I always do at these events. A fab night was had by all…at least to my knowledge. 😉We hope to do it all over again next year! God willing. 🙏

Below is a video high lighting the night and images below, all captured using my mobile phone.

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