Election Night In Harlem: The Obama Night

Differences and political views aside, we’ve got to admit that Governor Mitt Romney fought hard in this past campaign to dethrone President Obama. I suppose it wasn’t hard enough when Obama won Romney (Massachusetts) and Ryan’s (Wisconsin) own state by huge margins, Gangnam Style. The race was so tight it literally divided the nation in half on just about every political views you can think of and it showed at the polls. It was a nail biting moment. I (joined by my friend Magdala) was fortunate to have been invited by my long time friend Savannah Madamombe (one of the event’s executives) to witness the historical moment at Harlem’s premier restaurant, Red Rooster located at 125th Street and Lenox Avenue, the heart of Harlem. Seated at a prime VIP booth table right in front of the huge TV screen for pre-election cocktails and dinner, the Obama Tini drink was not to be missed. The restaurant’s proprietor, an award-winning chef and cookbook, Marcus Samuelsson also used the opportunity celebrate his birthday. The entire crowd sang him a birthday song. The atmosphere was very festive.

Harlem was my stomping ground 4 years ago when President Obama made a ground breaking history by being the first black man take the role of the most powerful man in the world as president. 125th Street was packed with thousands of well wishers and supporters who took in the results and news on a jumbo TV screen right in the middle of the street. The Street soon transformed into an outdoor party with lots of dancing and tears. It was a sight to behold.

With my good friends Savannah Madamombe and Madgala

Fast forward to 2012, the celebrations were more indoors with cocktails and dinner. The Red Rooster Lounge located at the basement of the restaurant was packed with high profile individuals, notable voices in black media, paparazzi, fashionistas et.al. All had one thing in common –democrats who screamed loudly when President Obama’s name appeared on the TV Screen as he won each state and booed Mitt Romney when he won the bible belt states. Nevertheless, we were all on edge as we watched Obama edge forward with still about a 1/3 of the polls about to close. By the time the winner was posted on the screen, declaring Obama as the relected President, the entire room went really wild! Whatever aches and pain, back or knee problems, old and young danced together, celebrating and congratulating each other. The vibe in the air was hyper positively charged. Everyone was happy and couldn’t resist bursting out some hard moves on the dance floor, sweating profusely in the process. As for me, well, I think my US flag Dolce and Gabbana pants, Cartier night shade, sans makeup says it all. 🙂

You definitely must see the video footage below! 🙂

We congratulate President Obama on getting us through the next for 4 years. He has done so much already that could have been handicapped had he not won the election. His mission to fully carry itself out requires at least 8 years. I am so glad that we get to see his work carried out, including Obama care. God Save America! In God we trust!


Say "cheese". Maya, Savannah Madamombe and I

Identical twin revelers. So adorable!

Fashion model Liya Kebede


Red Rooster proprietor Marcus Samuelsson

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