My Very First Espadrilles! OMG!

It’s official, Summer is definitely here! I finally caved and added an espadrille to my shoe collection. This would also be my very first pair of shoes by Bebe! Can you imagine that? I can’t even imagine what took me this long to own an espadrille much less from which brand. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would own a pair from the chain store. I own some of their comfortable everyday clothing for street wear but none of their shoes. It’s not just any espadrilles, it’s a particular pair featuring multicolored beads on vegan leather. Since my skin is brown, the colorful beads stand out as I walk. I love it!

However there is only one downside to this “vegan” leather. It has a potent rubber smell or that distinctive, unmistakeable factory smell that I now have to spend days airing out with hot steamy shower! What was I expecting for $129? I guess I have to suck it up and just enjoy my purchase. Not sure if the picture does it justice. Good things still come in small packages 😉

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  1. Cute, though I am shocked that these are your first pair of espadrilles. Why do you not own at least four pairs?

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