Eyes Wide Shut

The notoriously sensual film Eyes Wide Shut….almost couldn’t hold a candle to the exotically fueled Fleur du Mal 10th anniversary masked soiree, a perfect way to kick off Halloween weekend. Ronnie Madra hosted the glittery event last night at the Paradise Club, atop the world renowned Edition hotel in Times Square. Esteemed guests were all appropriately dressed for the occasion, mask and other scantily clad beauties in tow. No matter how prude you might have been prior to setting foot in the premises, you’re bound to let loose within a second once you set your sight on the erotic entertainment on stage and about the room. It was contagious! Ronnie is no rookie to the night life. He’s the brains behind the Earos ear device that helps filter off excessive sound that could cause hearing loss. A dilemma many concert goers, car racers, construction workers and such suffer from. It’s definitely a product worth checking out considering Ronnie himself suffers from hearing loss and has made it his business to help others from going through the same.

There’s certainly nothing like Halloween season in NY. Who doesn’t love pretending to be someone else, even if for a day? I know I do. Prior to this event, I dipped into another at Fotografiska, and I’ve got a few more to go before cruising through the iconic Halloween Parade on Monday! Pray for me! It’s going to be a long weekend! CLICK HERE to see the video footage at the Paradise club.

Mandie, Angeline
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