Fundraiser For Shanesha Taylor To Get Her Kids Back!

On March 26, 2014 I shared the unfortunate story of¬†Shanesha Taylor’s arrest stemming from her leaving her 2 kids in the car while she tried to secure a job. Opinions were heard far and wide on the post. Click here to view all of the comments¬†to catch up. We all shed a few tears and showed compassion. Well, it is time we all now put our money where our mouth is and paying our fortunate well being forward. A fundraising website has been set up for her legal defense by her friends in Scottsdale, Arizona. Please CLICK HERE to visit the fundraising website. As of today over $52,000+ has been raised out of the $9000 needed! Needless to say, this lady could use a whole lot more for her family until she finds a job to land on her own 2 feet. Please share this information with your friends and families. It takes a village!

Shanesha, you are in our prayers!


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