Protest in NYC

I’ve been dying to join a peaceful protest since the uprise for justice sparked by the senseless killing of George Floyd but couldn’t because I’ve got to mind my 2 babies at home while hubby works. That changed the moment I heard thousands of protesters chanting past our building. Hubby popped in for lunch and with that I was out in a flash to join the protest. I was able to interview the police chief in charge of monitoring the peaceful protest as well as an African American police officer to get their point of views. The day was rather eventful and it left me feeling slightly more hopeful for my kids’ future in the US. As a woman of color living the nightmare daily in the states, like everyone else in my position I often worry about the safety of my kids. I pray George’s demise will be a lesson, a step in the right direction for equality and accountability.
The experience left me very emotional and a bit hopeful. I did this for my kid’s future and all of those unfairly treated by corrupt justice!

Please view the interview & protest videos below and accompanying images taken with my camera phone.

Stay safe everyone!

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