Sightings At Halloween Parade

12182498_10153756363354602_6540136875343801879_oNew Yorkers do not disappoint when it comes to entertainment and creativity. The 42nd annual Halloween Parade was no different. Thousands of denizens turned up on 6th Ave to parade upwards dancing to their favorite tunes, just about everyone were seen in costumes. I myself opted for a punk rock vibe, complete with spikes from head to toe. The weather cooperated of course, enabling some people to show up in nothing but their undergarments as costumes!

There were many Mexican groups more than ever before, as if to send a message to presidential candidate Donald Trump. Only in New York as they say!

Below are some of my favorites, captured with my lens. To see an enlarged version, simply click on the image or see them on my facebook page.


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Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 5.09.11 PMxsml

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