From India with love! Bollywood culture is alive and well in New York. I had no idea there was such a thing as Indian day parade until today while on my way out to get my daughter’s ears pierced. The cab driver, which himself is an Indian, shamefully lamented about his lack of knowledge about the festivity. I was stunned to say the least. How on earth could your country be celebrating pride and glory and you not know about it?!

In any event, it was very colorful and entertaining and particularly nostalgic for me to hear some of the classic Indian songs I grew up hearing being played out loud on Madison Avenue.  I wish I had on my silk sari I bought during my vacation in India to blend in properly…at least for pictures. It’s nice to see such diversity of people and culture living positively in today’s political climate and hate.

Well, New York City is doing her part in bringing the world together with one parade at a time. No one can be mad about that.

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