Kenny Kenny Is The building!

Kenny Kenny, the artist extraordinaire’s opening ceremony body of work at the swanky Calligaris Chelsea luxury furniture showroom brought out the who’s who of the New York City art and night life. The collection titled “The Tenant in the Tenement” rightfully so, celebrated the larger than life artist. His work hung along the walls, perfectly matched with the luxurious furnishings in the showroom while his patrons and friends alike, drinks in hand, cheered merrily, all well dressed for the occasion. Guest included Lynn Yaeger, Mickey Bookman, Michael Musto and so many others I couldn’t picture, simply because it was that much fun and I was easily distracted. It could easily have been a scene from The Great Gatsby! The ongoing pandemic seemed like a thing of the past to the dazzling revelers, not a mask in sight! It’s safe to say…we’re all over Ms. Rona! New York City’s night life is roaring back with a vengeance! Fun was indeed had by all. Cheers NY! Welcome back!

Kenny Kenny
Joey Arias
Dianne Brill

Kenny Kenny, Baby Chic, Connie Fleming
Baby Chic, Michael Musto, Mackey Boardman
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