Hare Krishna Festival In NYC

New York City, a city of melting pot of cultures from around the world, it opened 5th Avenue for a day of Hare Krishna festivities where people of all ages, races and cultures donned on traditional Indian attires, saris et.al to dance and rejoice. Anyone could have easily mistaken the big apple for Calcutta in India. I had stumbled into the parade while on my way to view the meat/barbecue fair going on just a few blocks away despite being a vegetarian. As faith would have it, I was soon drown to the colorful crowd by the exotic rhythmic drums, their excitement and merriment was contagious. Instantly I thought of my 5 saris I had acquired during my visit to India a few years ago. I thought to myself this would have been a perfect place to wear it. Perhaps next year now that I know of such a parade.

That's me in a Sari in India

You’ve got to love New York City, anything goes here. I actually enjoyed filming and taking loads of pictures while wiggling my hips here and there to the rhythm and humming the Hare Krishna chant. I had a blast!

Please preview the video footage below and take in some of the colorful pictures from the festivities further below the video. I hope you like my style of photography. Namaste 🙂


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  1. Renarda Joy says

    Tinu, these images are HOT, love the lighting, good job, you never stop at being amazing…

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