Labor Day Parade, A Politician Rally


Yours truly

The 46th annual West Indies Day Parade 2013 in Brooklyn (Labor Day Parade) compared to last year was a bit modest and slightly commercial. Despite the threatening rain and extreme humidity, it didn’t slow down the participants. Politicians vying for votes took to the parade like it was going out of fashion. At first you would have thought it was a “politician men march” due to the large numbers which included the likes of Spitzer to Weiner wooing the crowd. Mayor Bloomberg walked the entire parade route drenched in sweat!

So without further ado, please preview the pictures and video footage. You DEFINITELY DO NOT want to miss viewing the video footage. Just make sure your kids are nicely tucked in bed before you press play. :)

As usual darling, all rights reserved :)

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Mayor Bloomberg


Elliot Spitzer



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