Caribbean Labor Day Parade With Harry Belafonte

I have never felt so out of place as a slim figured woman in such a long time. The 45th annual Caribbean (aka West Indian) Labor Day Parade on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, NY left me gasping for air from excitement, and wanting more of the fast paced Caribbean tunes blasting from the speakers. Poeple of all ages and sizes (especially full figured women) celebrated the day wearing nothing more than g-strings, feathers and sequins. The more full figured and more revealing, the more popular they were with the crowd, particularly the women. It was like being in Brazil for the carnival without incurring the cost of hotels and air flights.

Politicians such as Senator Chuck Schumer, NY Council woman Christine Quinn, Governor Cuomo were on hand to help open the “floor” alongside the legendary Trinidadian crooner & Actor Harry Belafonte who is still going strong at 85 serving as the official Grand Marshall! Once they were through, the real fun began with the main party floats advancing towards the judging panel from the West Indian American Day Carnival Association.

The participants dazzled in multicolored head dresses and feathers, some moving wheel operated giant feather costumes. The festivities was not limited to individuals and politicians. Church pastors didn’t shy away from the heavily sexual infused dance scene. One of them preached to the spectators with emphasis on diseases. He raised eyebrows when he ventured into HIV and STDs! Oh dear!

Myself and Harry Belafonte at the parade. I couldn't help grinning from ear to ear. Who wouldn't? LOL!

Some of the revelers engaged in all sorts of provocative dance moves that almost left me wondering if I was in a nightclub. The only thing missing was a fully stocked liquor bar on wheels to complete the club scene. But then again, these are free spirited people without a care in the world for restrictions and rules. Total strangers came together dancing, partying hard, eating traditional Caribbean cuisines and enjoying every minute of it –myself included. The highlight of the day  for me was talking to the legendary Harry Belafonte about the event and ins general well being. I couldn’t help grinning from ear to ear when we posed for pictures. Who wouldn’t? LOL!

So without further ado, please preview the pictures and video footage. You DEFINITELY DO NOT want to miss viewing the video footage. Just make sure your kids are nicely tucked in bed before you press play. 🙂

As usual darling, all rights reserved :)

Preview the picture gallery below.

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  1. Akeem Babatunde says

    Beautiful pics…inspired to come to the next Labour Day Parade.

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