Dinner At LongHouse Reserve

Words can not begin to describe what a whirlwind life it has been since Saturday! After dipping out of the Veuve Clicquot polo match event in the city, bright and early, I hot tailed it to East Hampton with my dearest Jonathan Marder! I was invited by LongHouse Reserve and given an opportunity to showcase my doll artistry hobby as art on the sprawling grounds of the property. The breathtaking environment, and it’s well preserved natural surroundings featuring various art sculptures & installations offered a great backdrop for my doll photography. More on that later in July, not to give anything away.

As if the day wasn’t perfect enough, shortly after the photoshoot wrapped, the museum director Carriere Bora Barratt, on behalf of LongHouse Reserve, hosted a sumptous dinner party in my honor! High esteemed guests included, Dianne Benson, Lysbeth A. Marigold, Candace Bushnell. Renee Cox, Jonathan Marder, Daphne Merkin, Naomi Marks, Wendy Moona, Toni Ross and Ray Rogers.

Jason Amis, a celebrated highly skilled vegetarian/vegan chef did not disappoint! Some of the meat eating guests couldn’t believe they were feasting on meatless meals! It was that good!

I’m forever grateful for the new friendship I’ve forged with these lovely ladies and gentlemen. I returned late Sunday night thanks to Daphne Merkin & her lovely daughter who drove Jonathan & I back to the city. My heart was full, humbled, grateful and thankful for everyone’s kind words, and appreciation for my artistic medium. I’m particularly thankful to my dear Jonathan Marder for connecting the museum and my art, effectively putting my little hobby on a bigger platform. I hope this colorful road of joyful artistry takes us further beyond our expectations. I can’t wait to share more in July. Stay tuned! 🙏

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