CoronaVirus? Not Today!

The outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus originated from China could not stop the denizens of New York City from coming out en mass to ring in the Lunar New Year in Chinatown yesterday! It would be my very first time covering the event, a mission my beloved wanted me to abort at all cost for fear of contacting the disease! There were reports of no known cases in NY, and there were several announcements by the city officials urging people not to boycott the event and businesses in Chinatown out of fear. Businesses in Chinatown were already suffering as a result of the outbreak. Alas! I made it to the parade with a positive attitude hoping for the best. I made it a point not to touch anyone or dive into any crowd, just to be safe. I was expecting everyone to be covered in masks when I arrived but that was not the case at all, to my surprise.

Like all politicians, Presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s team wasted no time in strutting the parade hoping to get votes from Asian Americans. They handed out faux $1000 bills to the crowd! Gotta love America!

Without further ado, peruse the images (from my phone) below and watch the video of lion dancers and greetings from the Mayor, Senator and the Chinese Empress! You can expect my dolls from Dolliciouslife to make an appearance of course! 🙂

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Senator Chuck Schumer
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