Memorial Day Weekend Block Party in NYC

Where else would you venture out on a beautiful spring day with your family, casually out on errands only to run into a block party unexpectedly? Only in NYC! What I thought would be a quick dash out on errands with my 4 yr old, turned into an all afternoon jamming and grinding to hit tunes being spun by the newly minted Academy Awarding winning Quest Love! Military personnel could be seen sweating it off in a heated dance off with civilians, while onlookers clapped and cheered on. It was indeed a beautiful sight to behold. Gosh! I’ve missed seeing this lively side of New York since the pandemic railroaded our lifestyles for over 2 yrs now. Besides dancing, families indulged in games and many interactive activities across the elaborate concert size stage set up next to the Flatiron building. There was something for just about everyone to participate in. It felt and looked good to see everyone enjoying themselves like old times. Special thanks to all the servicemen and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. We’re very grateful. RIP. 🙏

Have a look at the images & video footage below.

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