Barbie Goes To Millbrook

The effect of Barbiemania has officially reached the equestrian community, with big thanks to my beloved honorary Aunty Barbara Tober! The horse riding community had a chance to feel and taste a bit of the pink energy currently sweeping the world, much ado to the Barbie movie phenomenal success, to the tune of almost $400 million domestically at the box office, and showing no signs of slowing down!

The Millbrook Horse Trials for the first time since its debut in the 80s, had been on haitus for the past 4 years due to the covid pandemic. After several meetings and ponderings, Mrs. Tober was invited to help resurrect the annual equestrian festivities, with a full on support as one of the main sponsors, under the auspices of “Yellow Frame Farm”, her countryside residence. Inspired by her namesake, Barbara aka Barbie, decided to forgo the traditional horse jump for a Barbie themed version! I was called on to help source the appropriate sized Barbies. The 28–inch Barbies of every race ever produced (white, black, latina & Asian) were successfully acquired. Joanna Johnston, one of her managers was diligent and resourceful in pulling it all together cohesively. The jump was painted in the classic pink, 20 Barbies were cleverly arranged in accordance with the horse trials rules, making it the talk of the community. Not a soul (or horse) strolled by without a double take and a few selfies to mark the moment. Where else would you see a work of art as such? If anything, you saw it Millbrook first!

The patron viewing tent was not spared either! The Barbie theme carried over effortlessly, providing a chic and elegant “high tea” atmosphere, good enough for a royal family. The fete wouldn’t be complete without a Barbie cake, generously gifted by Elizabeth Mayhew of “The Dutchy of Millbook” to Mrs. Tober, shortly before she presented the winning ribbons & trophies to the riders.

Be sure to watch the short video reel below of Mrs Tober cutting the cake, horses jumping over the Barbie hurdle and more memorable moments from the blissful weekend at the Millbrook Horse Trials.

Click on the images below to view larger sized versions.

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