Child Molestation… SADLY ME TOO!

20171117_135054I stumbled upon this image while browsing on Instagram. Immediately I found my voice on this issue. It hit a certain nerve that I had been suppressing for decades! Child molestation is VERY real my dear friends! I would know because I too was almost a victim. I have never had the courage to address this issue publicly and have only told my mother and husband. Since becoming a mother to two adorable kids, son @dagoldchain and daughter @ladynoaofficial both less than 2 yrs old, the guilt to speak up has been a hard one to suppress any longer. I now have 2 little angels to watch over and certainly feel the need to speak up to warn other mothers of predators in our very midst! I was well under  10 years old in Nigeria when a FAMILY MEMBER made an attempt but was saved by my grandmother when she walked into the room, completely oblivious to what was about to happen. Another would be in my late teens when another FAMILY MEMBER had his wandering hands on me while claiming to “look for signs of malaria” right here in the US! Who gets malaria in the US? I should be thanking my God it was only his hands wandering and nothing more. I can’t say the same for my cousin who was also a victim.

I don’t know if I am suddenly now finding my voice because of all the sexual allegations sweeping through Hollywood right now…a la Harvey Weinstein and all. I am certainly encouraged as a result of my babies now in my life. My number one goal and job is to protect them. I would hope that all mothers out there would do the same for their loved ones and not make the same mistake my own folks did with family members preying on kids within the very walls that was supposed to protect us. God help us all.

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