Odd Moments At The 2014 Met Ball

The world got to see the biggest night in fashion at the Met Ball yesterday. Here are some of the images you might not have seen. Captured images showing guests actually having fun and relaxed beyond the glare of the spotlight, while some may never be invited back after some odd behaviors including flashing their underwear!

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article-0-1D98AB0100000578-205_634x929 article-2621021-1D9A188400000578-272_472x675 ROSIE HUNTINGTON WHITELEYWITH A MISTERY MALE FRIEND AT THE MET GALA 2014 article-2621021-1D9B21DC00000578-421_312x442 article-2621021-1D9B186B00000578-145_978x710 article-2621021-1D9C9BA500000578-513_312x575 article-2621021-1D97E26300000578-581_312x442 article-2621021-1D98C86F00000578-876_480x749 article-2621021-1D98D43E00000578-892_964x1218 article-2621021-1D98E50B00000578-675_972x1073 article-2621021-1D98F0AA00000578-84_310x671 article-2621021-1D98FDC700000578-798_976x754 article-2621021-1D98FFF600000578-56_472x580 article-2621021-1D99F82200000578-398_970x635 article-2621064-1D988DF900000578-994_634x811 article-2621374-1D9D968500000578-364_634x610 article-2621374-1D9D976600000578-391_634x806 article-2621391-1D99F44500000578-174_634x648

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