Poor Little Rich Girl

Barbara Hutton must be turning in her grave as we speak. Remember the teenage girl in New Jersey who tried suing her parent for child support not too long ago? Well she lost that case! 18-year-old Rachel Canning announced that she would be attending Western New England University – a medium-sized, four-year, private university in Springfield, Massachusetts and bragged about getting $56k in scholarship even though tuition is only $32,600
‘Decision made,’ Canning, a Morris Catholic High School senior, wrote as reported by NJ.com. ‘WNE U class of 2018 [biomedical engineering] major w/ 56,000$ [sic] scholarship.’

She was bragging about winning a considerable scholarship in a Facebook post.

This is a girl who made headlines last month after deciding to sue her parents Elizabeth and Sean Canning for child support and tuition when they kicked her out of the house for not obeying rules. In shocking legal documents submitted to the court throughout the process, the honor-roll student said her parents’ behavior contributed to her developing an eating disorder at a young age and saw her weight plummet. She also said that her father had an ‘inappropriate affection’ for her and accused her mother Elizabeth of being the cause of her bulimia.

She argued that since her parents have a combined yearly income of between $250,000 and $300,000, she was entitled to $654-a-week in child support. Rachel’s controversial legal battle was funded by the father of her best friend, millionaire lawyer Jon Inglesino. The Cannings believed he enabled their daughter’s behavior.

Meanwhile, there’s probably a kid more deserving of that scholarship from a less fortunate family who might not get a chance to see the inner walls of a fine college! Sigh…

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