5 Mos Post Pregnancy Body

postpregxMy journey, post pregnancy body challenge…5 months and counting! In case you missed my pregnancy-baby arrival post, check it out here.

What can I say, good genes definitely has a part to play in what I’m about to describe below. I’m not here to deceive anybody. I had my first baby 5 months ago and I’ve been somewhat busy getting my body back in shape. I beat up myself in yoga classes and even venture into Pilates for the first time! Got to say the core workout gives me exactly what I’m seeking. While at home, my baby who now weighs over 20 pounds helps in the matter, joining in on the fun! Not interested in using boring old weighs, instead I have more fun and play with my baby while working out! (Be sure to see the video footage below of us working out together. He clearly enjoys it too.)

About 3 to 4 days a week we take long walks between Union Sq and Central Park round trip, that’s about 6 miles (with him in the stroller of course).  Just last week I could finally fit into my old jeans and pre-pregnancy bras!

And what about the diet? Nothing special! I simply ate sensibly, carbs in the afternoon, protein and veggies at night -vegetarian! Absolutely nothing in large quantities. And of course, the rest I left to God and good genes. I weighed about 183 pounds at baby’s birth and now over 40 pounds lighter at almost 5.10″ tall. I have a few bits more to go and trying to stay on target…going for the lighter weight, long before I was even pregnant. Hope I’m not being too greedy. Wish me luck! 🙂

And yes, that’s all my hair! #noweave #nowig #youarewhatyoueat 🙂

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